Universal Energy- exists in different forms-right from Mother Universe at different levels

Energy is Universal, pervasive all over the Universe. Universal Energy is present – in visibility – and in invisibility, in every place. “Energy” being emitted from the Mother Universe (The Origin of the Universe), for the Creation of matter, this itself is the source – basis. In accordance with those various stages, this is, being referred to by different names as Universal Energy, Space Energy, Cosmic Energy, Divine Energy, Spiritual Energy, Solar Energy, Planetary Energy, Radiation Energy, Bio-Cosmic Energy, and the Physical Self… The existence of Universal Energy at its lowest level is “Bio-Cosmic Energy”.


Universal Energy is continuously emitted from the Mother Universe, the primordial source of Energy. The same energy, by itself, through Osculatory Metamorphosis, transmutates, into Universal Matter.


The Dark Matter projects as Space Matter. Space Matter is the Nebulous Formative Matter. Although the Space Matter itself forms as Star, that which envelopes, separately Star, totally, wholly, Galaxy as external armour, and keeps them intact, is however, ‘Dark’ Matter only.

The Energy, by itself in the method of internal mutation and transformation, changes into Matter, asFire, Air, Clouds of Dust, thereafter, Star Quasars. After the formation of Matter, solid, liquid, gaseous – along with this, plasmatic Nature also had started. Brahman, or the Universal Matter, which is in three or four stages, gradually, facing various types of climates, changes as Space Matter.

So, in the beginning, Space Matter had taken shape as Fire (Heat Energy), Air, Dust, Clouds, and Centralized Galactic Matter. Space Matter has separated as Inertion – and the Bio-matter.


Thereafter, from the Space Matter, a matter related to stars, constellations had formed; in that, the formation of various types of stars (including Quasars) had started. Similarly, parallelly Black Holes, Dark Matter, in this way, being subjected to various kinds of changes, as Galactic matter (The Universal Matter itself, firstly, would be as Fire, as Gaseous form only;  after that, by mixing in the form of Gases, Galaxies would be formed. When these kinds of Galaxies are formed, when stars are formed separately from them – in those, formation of Sun stars had happened separately – the matter (responsible for movement), which is present in the core part of these stars – “these planets, satellites, their differences, their size, all these would be based on that only”), as Solar System related energy, Solar related energy had formed Solar Systems. This constellation had started in the same process, by itself, through the method of Osculatory Metamorphosis.

The microcosms of gaseous form of matter, in the Sun, including the internal magnetic force – by liberating in the form of cosmic rays – and spreading all over within the boundary of solar, they, develop into Solar Clouds.

Solar Star Formation, Existence

In the galaxies in the universe, that too, only in special circumstances, there will be the formation of a solar star in them. Until the completion of its ‘lifespan’, its existence, having the lifetime ‘existence’ (state) of planets, and satellites relating to it continues to exist with continuous mutations. This is indeed not eternal.

Solar Matter, being formed because of the mixture of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Methane, Ammonia, Carbon, and others – it was helpful in the formation of its planets and satellites in the solar system.

Difference Between the Usually Present Stars and Sun Stars: Since there would be a change in the internal structure, internal movement, and internal atomic movement, it has to be observed that Sun Stars are present separately and usual Stars are present separately.


After the formation of Solar Family, in the same way by acquiring the conditions and influence of that place, planetary systems, satellites, and finally some Globes are formed. The climate on the planets is different and the climate on the Globe is different. Including distance from the Sun, because of many principal reasons, water to be present abundantly here and when water is present abundantly, the environment is suitable for the existence of life. There is no chance for the presence of life on the planet; there is no chance for the origination of organism. If so, there is a chance for the occurrence of life on the Globe; climate forms, ozone forms; only on the Globe, there is a chance for the origination of organism.


Earth is one of the Globes. For a long time after the formation of this Globe, in the Solar Family, it was not in use (Earth was also not that beautiful initially). Having been subjected to various cold & heat states and mighty & major changes, being covered with snow for some time, and sometimes being hot, this favourable Globe was formed. After the formation of climate on Earth, the conditions have become favourable on Earth.

The Milky Galaxy, on which human beings live, itself is a Cosmic Subtle. If one sees Galaxy, from this side, it would be very big. When it is seen from that side, the Galaxy itself is in the Cosmic Subtle state, so, Earth looks even smaller than that. When seen either from other planet or from the moon – it would look like a Suspended Ball. That Suspended Ball would be rotating constantly on its axis. In the infinite universe, the size of Earth is very small. It is a Cosmic Subtle.

Only on the 1/4th area of the earth, the conditions are favourable for a human being to live. In the remaining part, cold and hot temperatures are not suitable for human existence. If so, in this small part, in this 1/4th area is land, and the remaining part is water.


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