01-BioMatter Detail

In the order of uncovering of the Bio matter – beginning of the organism – evolution… existence – way of life, and living, ‘genome’ has an utmost importance. In the process of trans-morphism of Bio-matter, the new formation that appears – with constant changes of internal motion – from its first unfurling, in different stages, by embedding its origin within itself in an utmost micro form, at a certain stage at the end of the final stage of trans-morphism, it separates itself from its previous state, origin. In that state it, in accordance with the original entity it had embedded, or hidden within itself until then… another new corporeal state, feature develops. In the evolution of life, the cause for the diversity of the species of the organisms probably may be only this.

The elements relating to the formation, uncovering of inert matter, because of temperature in various states, the matter, which is formed in accordance with the natural property of their (elements) combination in different proportions, not only has gaseous, liquid, solid forms, but also have different features and qualities. But, the evolution of life is different to this. In formation, and its evolution it would have different uncovering and forms. For that very reason, in accordance with the measure and quality, the quantity of heat and cold temperature, compound (amalgam) of elements as inert matter… as a consequence of the change of internal motion of the Bio-matter, the organism is becoming a cause for the diversity of evolution of life.

Either inert or Bio – principally relating to Bio-matter, the origin and cause for its change or transmutation… will be present in it itself, internally… With the diversity influenced by the Nature, transmutation, the consequence of that transmutation at a certain stage… direction… different to its original source, its existence, and quantities and qualities, with different form, may unfurl as a new organism. This too is a consequence of transmutation of Bio-matter only. The various developmental stages of internal, constant motion and consciousness that had happened, happening right from bio stage of ‘Hydro’  until the modern human being…… are simply the forms of consequences that are caused in accordance with them. Usually, that which is born has the capability, quality (nature), and state to give birth (procreation). (Exceptions for this may be indeed natural).

In the inertness of the matter itself, it has its bio-entity. Therefore, Bio-matter is simply another beginning and consequence of transmutation for an inert matter, but it is not completely different to the first one… Not anything else too… Bio-matter too is the same. The Bio-matter also will have within it itself the change of internal motion, which is the cause, basis for the separate existence of Bio-matter from the inert matter. This change of internal motion in the Bio-matter later on, those various stages and beginnings (revelations) itself… is being considered as the diversity of consequence of the evolution of life. The exterior of this Bio-matter should be considered as Nature, in relation to an organism, as ‘body’, and internal JIva-Shakti (vitality) as ‘Life Force‘. Since internal Life Force is the consequence of the activity of consciousness of Universal Energy (Universal Soul), it is also unity only. Since the corporeal externality is the material formation, diversity of form for it is indeed natural. The external body is the matter of Nature; Life Force is its (Universal Energy) force of motion. The Manomaya Kosha (mind) consciousness, which is instigated by the senses and being influenced by Nature and surroundings, itself, is the mind.

The entity of transmutation of the Space Matter itself through the Solar Matter (may be gaseous form) that is formed thereafter, with the entry of Bio-matter, the organism that is formed/caused, starts thereby also, has to inevitably follow the course (movement) of that ‘past’ transmutation only. The matter of formation of various bio-spaces is also, almost the same process of formation. For the organism, species of organisms, to be born in favourable circumstances…. to live in a combination of favourable and unfavourable circumstances of life/living, and to die in completely unfavourable circumstances is the usual law of Nature. This indeed is the natural transmutation of matter that is happening in all the solar systems of the universe. In accordance with the process of transformation of conditions of those various planets/satellites, the quantities and qualities, and the characteristics of the wealth of intelligence of those various organisms will be different.

That Bio, like that only, in the method of metamorphosis, in the method of evolution, as the process of transmutation, underwent metamorphosis right from a single cell to multi-cellular almost until the final stage, the human being. The attendant circumstances for this are right from the Universal Energy. If so, in the constellations, so also, in the Solar Families, so also, in the planets too, on the Earth, so also in the Bio-Plasmatic Matter too – there is Universal Energy related root. In the Bio-Matter too, which is formed from Bio-Plasmatic Matter, the Cosmic Subtle of that Universal Energy has entered. While the evolution is going on like that, Universal Energy by making known its place, existence in every stage in the form of Cosmic Subtle, the element of that Universal Energy in the form of Cosmic Subtle is present in human beings also.


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