The Plasmatic System – Bio Plasmatic Matter Transforms into Bio-Matter

Formation of Earth (Globe) – occurrence of Mighty changes on the Globe – hot and cold temperatures external to this Globe – surrounding regions and their influence present there – including all these, creation of an environment there, in the evolutionary process, there will be formation of Bio-Plasmatic matter. The base for this has come from Universal Energy only. So, the matter, the microcosmic state relating to the organism is present there itself. It is travel ling all the way from there only. The Nature did not form on this Creation by then; before this, the Bio-PlasmaticMatter, which is the primordial source for the life on this Earth, has appeared – after that the Nature being formed, slowly, this Bio-Plasmatic Matter had transformed into Bio-matter. This Bio-matter originated after Bio-Plasmatic matter, after the appearance of suitable climate (So, this organism, which is present in this micro, the environment, that temperature, which is suitable for that – when there was a chance for these circumstances on the surface of this Globe, to the extent of circumstances and their influence, this matter itself had formed as Bio-Plasmatic matter, Bio-Matter). Favorable and unfavorable climatic conditions – both would be present on the surface of this Earth; they would be changing constantly (because Matter has ‘law of motion’). If so, when the attendant circumstances of this are looked into, from the Universal Energy through Oscillatory Metamorphosis, coming until the Bio-Plasmatic Matter, thereafter the appearance of favorable climatic conditions, when the state and condition of “hot and cold” states were appropriate – that is when the Bio had started on the Earth. This Universal Matter, almost being subjected to various, mighty charges, amidst minimal and maximal temperatures, changing different forms, it has become preliminary for the Creation of Bio-matter. The microcosm of the Bio (organism) has started there itself; it is not created; it is caused only; came from there only by itself, in a time-bound manner. If there is any Matter, there has to be some structure related to that before that; otherwise there is no chance for the appearance of Matter there. One would know very clearly if one observes this path. It is present in the ‘micro’ state right from there. Being present as ‘micro’ state from there, when it reached here, the same started journey towards macro state. So, it is a journey from micro to macro. All these are Nature laws; they are called Nature related “Cosmic laws”.

In that kind of Nature, the Plasmatic System, which has come initially along with solid, liquid, and gaseous matters, had started here as Bio-Plasmatic Matter. The beginning for the origination of organism had started there. Formation of Bio-Plasmatic matter, which happens by itself, depends on temper and temperature. “Time” and the “conditions” present at that point of time decide the formation of Bio-Plasmatic matter, the division of cells and the growth. For this, the minimal and maximal temperatures have to be balanced there.

The microcosms of gaseous form of matter, in the sun, including the internal magnetic force – by liberating  in the form of cosmic rays – and spreading all over within the boundary of solar… they, develop into solar clouds. As an outcome of the favorable climate over the planets, satellites… with internal chemical changes, the Hydrogen, Helium, and Carbon, which are present in extremely microcosmic state in the solar clouds, as starting elements for the basis of life, source for Life Forceand beginning of Bio-matter, with combination of the motion of life, obtains the characteristic of Bio- matter. This process is present in all the galaxies spread all over the universe. Therefore, the ‘seed’ of Bio-matter in the space is not present separately.

When the suitable climatic conditions were established, formation of Nature after sometime, that which is present in that Nature to originate as unicellular organism, from the unicellular organism to multi-cellular organism, this entire evolution of life is visible here. The new process, which wasn’t present until now, beginning with Bio-Plasmatic matter, the origination of organism happens. Science says that it had started with single cell, which is indeed true! However, for the formation of this single cell, both physics and chemistry is the base. So, the physics and chemistry – both of them, whichever are present there, without the previous formation to that, there is no chance for its formation. There are some stages before this single cell organism also; there are some activities prior to their formation. So, even for the single cell, previous formation has to be inevitably present.

If the process, and change of formation of solar related Bio-matter in the period before the appearance of unicellular organism can be examined, we can observe the presence of hydrogen principally, oxygen as productive, and nitrogen and carbon as formation. As a base for this, the process by which the ‘hydrogen’ in the Sun converts into carbon because of helium, itself, is principal.

Because of a certain ‘Nature’ on the surface of the planet, satellite, by the release of oxygen from carbon dioxide, in the process of transmutation, it, to emerge as Bio-matter and organism… subsequently, to undergo variations is what happens constantly. Universal Energy by establishing internally as Life Force and material externalities (as living cell unit) as physical body, obtains growth.


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