On “Evolutionary Transmutation“, unicellular organisms appeared from the Bio-matter. Thereafter, multi-cellular organisms, different species of those multi-cellular organisms, and finally there was appearance of human species. In multi-cellular organisms, initially “Aquatic Animals” (first dimension) appeared, followed by Amphibians (second dimension), and finally Mammals (beyond second dimension; human beings between 2 and 2 ½ dimension; intellectuals between 2 ½ and 3rddimension; and super humans beyond 3rd dimension).

Origination of organism, and its growth and development, is happening by itself without anyone’s role in that. After the process is started, it is happening by itself only, but, nobody is doing anything. Nobody is creating. Nobody’s support or instigation is seen. Nobody’s influence is seen on that. It is arranging by itself as Multicellular. That means, the single cell, after coming here as Multicellular, Gastrointestinal System – Cardiovascular System – Consciousness possessing Neurons – Skeletal System – Blood, entire structure, psychological setup, emotional setup, everything is originating from the single cell – one can see the duality here. Origination of many from Unity (Multicellular from the Single Cell) is the thing that has to be understood principally.

If so, these living Creatures, right from a single cellular organism, when various types of favorabilities appear, when the climate on the Planet changes, this Diversity from Unity is visible. If so, Diversity comes from Unity only but, the Unity doesn’t go away (vanish) with that; unity will be visible in the Diversity again.

The journey of human life, which had started with that single cell – that continuing in that way, has come until human being. If so, the organism, who has come like this, specifically thought containing – all the organisms having thought to be separated, and the remaining to be present as animals, the human race, having this thought, is ascending. When this entire process is observed, answers for the questions – who had created and from where were they created – would be obtained. As an individual having thought, the brain being functioning very well, being present in constructive functions, living his life in the society as an organism – to be present like this is, the bio-data of a human being.

Having acquired the human form, with the “Understanding of Truth”, with the principal objective of achieving success in Science and Technology sectors constantly, he is moving forward. In this process, a human being after obtaining almost the final place, the evolution has not stopped with this but, going on, because the matter has ‘law of motion’. There is no chance for the absence of motion (movement). Matter certainly has to have the law of motion. Internally, changes are happening in the brain. Entire evolutionary point focusing on brain, almost the shape, formation, neurones in it, and the Glial cells in it – all these being subjected to changes, this is going on in a unique course.Although it is felt that the physical evolution is stopped, evolution is indeed going on internally in that brain.


‘Who am I’ means that which has come from Universal Energy only. In every human being, related to either Universal Soul or Universal Energy, the cosmic microcosm, whether it is present or not – this path is the evidence. Because, Universal Energy as embodied energy has changed into Universal Matter, has changed into Space Matter, has changed into Bio-Matter, Bio-Matter has changed into Organism; from an organism, without losing its naturality anywhere, like that the Universal Energy related, Jeevatmn will be seen here in a human being. So, a human being has the micro part or the Cosmic Micro of the powerful Universal Energy.

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