Mindshut was established in 2015 with a noble goal of reaching to a larger mass that uses the web for their regular dose of news feed. The articles, blogs, infographics, and discussions posted on the website are well directed towards the development of the news feed and in line with the contribution from the stakeholders, readers and patrons.

Mindshut.com is an innovative social media platform that has been established to enrich you with knowledge over Politics, sports, entertainment, science, technology, gaming, lifestyle and so on. The basic idea of this website is to empower our visitors by keeping them updated with the latest news trends on various sectors happening in and around the globe.

The sole purpose of coming up with this social media platform is to be a leader in imparting knowledge on day-to- day happenings around you. The vision is to create a strong bond with our readers by providing them news they deserve and putting forward a multi-dimensional views to see the world differently.

We are committed to come up with latest, well researched and true information as much as possible.

About Us
The days have gone when a larger mass of people use to depend on newspapers every morning to keep themselves abreast of the latest news on Politics, sports, technology, commerce, fashion, health and lifestyle and so on. Even they did not get the latest news as the newspaper only gets delivered in few editions in a day. The Internet services and the web have spread its wings all over the world and people no longer rely on the conventional news reporting systems.

With the social media actions flooding in India, we have a number of media platforms to share our views by just posting articles, blogs, videos, and write-ups online. We are in such an attempt to contribute to that news revolution by helping our readers get the latest news by just visiting our website.

We have foolproof plans to bring out the complete news from different sectors backed with credible sources by focusing largely on but not limited to current politics, entertainment, celebrity news, new technologies, latest sports news, health, lifestyle, ecommerce, funny videos, and almost everything around the web.

Our target audience is the set of people who do not get enough time to read a complete newspaper every morning,
people who like being updated every hour with the latest development of information across the globe and for the social media enthusiasts who love being online and check all the happenings through web.

We offer you the latest trending news across the globe as well as the insight knowledge over each news item with credible sources. We keep a very good eye on the freshness and correctness of the news so that it does not get fabricated while travelling from source to destination.

We believe in digging out the interesting facts from a news item that will not only help you gain a strong hold on the current affairs but also let the truth prevail. We also encourage healthy discussions through our comment sections that will let our readers share their bit of thoughts and communicate with the peer readers to have an exchange of ideas and thoughts.

We create and curate specific news stories with the only intent of helping the information reach as many of us as possible.

You can be a part of the ever happening and ever growing social media community by visiting our website. Our portal will help you spend your spare time effectively as well by reading our posts and article that would not kill your time rather add up to your knowledge and outlook.

www.mindshut.com is founded by Mohammad Jawed (Profile).