Holidays are the best shopping season when people buy more as compared to another time period. Retailers aim these seasons and begin with the brand-new promotional campaigns with interesting offers. Most of the customer are waiting for these holiday seasons to get offers and retailers also tempting them by offering discounts, deals and seasonal & festive offers on their e-commerce store, so using holidays as sales marketing tools becomes a right decision. It is the time of the year in which retailers make most of their money during holidays, vacations and occasions.

Here are the 13-holiday sales strategies that work best for the online store:

1. Make responsive websites

Having a responsive website is a good start for any e-commerce sites because most of the online sales were made from mobile devices. Mobile commerce (or mCommerce) is an upcoming trend. In today’s world 75% of people purchased from mobile devices rather than personal computers and laptops, e-commerce websites should be more mobile friendly. Keep your mobile version simple with clear links.

For example – ReefaNext is the shopping websites and they have a mobile version. Customers can access their site on smartphones with affirming swift. Their mobile version is easy and convenient for searching and browsing. Customers can simply browse, compare offers and shop online from anywhere and anytime.

2. Build Customer loyalty

Firstly evoke loyalty in your customers towards your online store. Building a trust between customers and e-commerce retailers, it takes long term process. Grab this opportunity during festive seasons and holidays. If you have their trust, your products and brand will make them shop at your offer immediately during these holiday seasons. Customer loyalty matters always because selling more to existing customers is easier, and convenient, than finding and selling to new ones. Loyal customers buy more and they will frequently recommend your business to others.

For example – Amazone and Flipkart are the most popular eCommerce website in customer loyalty manner. Their branding and products make customers trust them.

3. Discount, offers

Deals offers and discounts quickly draw people into your online store. They increase conversions rate. Customers are attractive by these offers in holiday seasons and it increase customer loyalty. People always prefer buying things on sale, so it is the best way to increase your revenues.

For example – Snapdeal gives 33% off and many more discount to their customers.

4. Social Media Marketing

Everyone know that marketing on social media generates big sales especially through the social network (like Facebook, twitter). Social media improved customer services. Because of Social media content is easily distributed. Social media can support your company’s objectives for the rest of season, boost your other marketing efforts, and create memorable experiences that help put your brand in front of customers at the time of year they are focused on shopping.

For example- Ordervenue gives each an update on his Facebook page

5. Run a fun post – holiday contest

Create a contest on holiday seasons. This contest should be anything like vote contest, Instagram photo contest, the essay contest and refer a friend. Whoever win these contests give them a prize. This contest gets immediate sales and they drive traffic to your e-commerce store. The main motive for these contest is to construct an awareness about your business.

For example- Zazzle and babycenter makes a photo contest of baby’s holiday cheer

6. Offer Free Shipping

Free Shipping is a USP and most online stores sites offer free shipping on their valuable products. According to the survey, it is found that 69% of buyers are likely to purchase from the online store if they get the offer of free shipping. As far as building brand loyalty, the free shipping is the clasp and opportunity that not only helps with impulse but it is always in the mind as a good deal. Free shipping increase sales & revenue. Although it is not clear that free shipping offers help retain customers, many marketers think that there is a link between customer loyalty and offering free shipping. In holiday sales, free shipping plays a vital role.

Example- Ebay provide free shipping.

7. Site performance

People don’t have the patience. If your site make them wait, they will find another option for their purchase or leave your site. There are various factors makes your site slow like heavy sizes image, too many file requests from the server, low quality website codes and many more factors that slow down the website. Your site performance is in your hand and you have the all power to reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment amongst your customers. Give more time on testing and refining to your site and shopping cart performance especially on the holiday sales.

Pingdom is the free Website Speed Test to evaluate the load speed of your websites. For example we checked the speed of the Flipkart website below:

8. Decorate

Give some sort of holiday-themed design to your logo. Or asks your fans and followers to make a holiday themed redesign for your logo. Change these logo, adds a fun and personal touch to your brands. Make sure to save these themed logo and code for next year.

For example- Planetjashn change its design according to the holiday-themed.

9. Email Marketing

Send an email to your customers who makes an account on your website with a special greeting message that thanks them for their business. These things make them remind that to pay your site a visit when looking for gifts. Highlight your news-letter sign up to increase the number of contacts you have. Remember, repeat customers are much cheaper to manage than acquiring new ones. After customers make their first purchase, send them a specialized newsletter that features all of your popular products and includes a “new customer” discount. It’s never too early to start building customer faith.

10. Live Support

Give your support by giving more hours on live chat and phone. By offering visitors an immediate form of customer service support, you can reduce the familiar backlog of emails and calls that greet you during the holiday season. If you have a call centre make sure your customer support service answer the phone with a politely greeting or include a branded message.

11. Simplify the checkout process

The checkout process is a striking balance between good functionality, usability and trust building key that offers a good checkout experience. If the checkout is poorly designed you could easily lose up to 67% of customers. To make checkout more attractive, you have to display security logos, show shipping clearly, ensure it is fast particularly on mobile and show images of the products in the carts.

For example – Amazon is an online store and offer their customers a real shopping experience with the products that can exclusively available for them. Their checkout is attractive, they show shipping clearly.

12. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising gives more traffic to your website. During the holidays, adjust your PPC campaigns to add holiday-related keywords, such as gifts or presents. Escalate your competitive PPC bidding. Potential customers are looking to spend a little bit more to find the perfect product, so you should be willing to spend a little more by raising your daily minimum on PPC.


It is Google’s method that counts the traffic that comes on your website from another source, like through a link on another domain. Google Analytics makes you to look these referrals, which then compute you’re perceptive of how customers find your website and what they do once they get there. Therefore, the holidays are a high time to determine websites that you may be able to advertise or get a referral link / traffic on.

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